FEBRUARY 6, 2001

I'm Carolyn and my alter-ego is the Desperado's Daughter. She lives in the Magnificent 7 Fandom. I debated about being the Detective's Daughter -- but the first pseudonym is silly enough . (And I'm a believer that silly is good.)

There's already a Carolyn on the Sentinel list, so I'll be Vox (the name on my e-mail--it means "voice").

This is a short page. I have one completed story and one incomplete one. There are two that are almost complete, but I haven't posted either of them -- and I won't until they're finished. I'm trying not to post incomplete stories.

So visit from time to time and see what's new. And if you're a fan of the Magnificent Seven, please visit my other page.

Thanks, Vox (I'm gonna have to get used to this name!)

The Stories

So Close, Yet So Far
Blair is kidnapped by a psychopath determined to torture Jim by keeping his injured partner barely out of his reach.

Visit the Desperado's Daughter's page: Home of my Magnificent 7 Stories. Come on by and read a while..