TRAPPED by The Desperado's Daughter

"Give me your hand!!"

"Can't . . ."

"Give me your hand, Buck!" JD Dunne pronounced his friend's name as though it were an expletive.

"Two reasons that ain't gonna happen. One, I can't get my hand out and two, you couldn't lift me. You try pulling me up and you're gonna fall on top of me. Then I'd have to figure a way to get you and me both outa here."

"Give me at least a little credit here, Buck. I got a way to haul you up. Now give me your stupid hand!"

"You deaf, boy? I said I can't get my hand out."

JD huffed, exasperated. "Wait there." Buck heard the kid running off, the crunch of leaves underfoot.

"JD!!!" he hollered after the headstrong kid. "Come back here!! JD!!" Buck started muttering. "'Wait there' Where the hell am I gonna go?"

The tall lawman cursed himself for not looking where he was going. He'd literally fallen in a trap and a heap of debris fell in around him.