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POTENTIAL SMARM - This is a list of new shows that portray relationships with smarm potential.

Legacy - UPN, Friday 7pm CST

a post-Civil War setting featuring a family, the Logans, in Kentucky raising horses. There are four siblings raised by their father. Shaun and Clay, the two oldest boys, young men now, are highly protective of the family and their land. The oldest daughter, Alice, makes her social debut in the second episode, and the youngest, Lexie, is the little girl that everyone looks after. The family has taken in a young man, Jeremy, with a shady past and a good heart. He has a special relationship with the little girl - he saved her life. He has a tender, respectful relationship with the oldest daughter. And clashes (as you may imagine) with the brothers. So far it is quite smarm-filled.

Trinity - NBC, Friday 8pm CST

a family drama set in Hell's Kitchen

If the first episode is any indication, this will be a smarm-fest as well. Five adult siblings with close ties to their parents take care of each other and struggle with tough situations. They are the McAllister family. Kevin (the priest) is portrayed by Tate Donovan. There is a brother Bobby who is a cop. He is torn when dealing with Liam (I believe that is the character's name) who is working for a crook, and is a bit naive about it. One sister is an over-achiever in love with a married man, and the other sister is an addict who is pregnant - Kevin will take care of her. Add to the basic premise that one brother died of an overdose, but it may have been murder. This is a very dynamic show with intricate relationships. It celebrates the strength of family.

Sports Night -

a comedy with a central relationship of two old and dear friends

In the first episode, when one of the

I usually don't associate comedies with smarm, and that is most likely an oversight. MASH and