Red Sky at Morning

a story of truth and sacrifice by Sarah and Carolyn

When the demons of the past visit the men of the Indefatigable, the battles waged are struggles of the soul. Mighty Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower, the inimitable Captain Pellew and the tormented midshipman Archie Kennedy each have crosses to bear. Reeling from the horrors of the mission at Muzillac, they put into port ready for some rest and, God willing, some peace. But by the time the sun rises red in the morning, one will be in jail for murder. Too bad the warning came too late. . .

Join the men of the Indy and a woman with a mysterious past as they try to sort through the secrets and find the truth.

Can they find it in time to save their own from the firing squad?

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Part One
Part Two
In which someone has the advantage of Mr. Kennedy
Part Three
Dreams, Warnings, and Nightmares
Part Four