The Assignments

What wonderful writers and friends we have! And what a fun Christmas 2000! Thanks to everyone for making this a success.

Remember that one of the "rules" of this list is that it should never be a source of pressure. Some writers were already committed and some even over-committed to other writing projects. The idea for the gift exchange didn't come to me until the very last moment. Please understand about the writers who couldn't participate. I appreciate their telling me about their other obligations.

Below is a list of assignments so you can know in an overview who is writing for whom. When I posted each request, I didn't disclose who was making the request. The writers read over the requests as they came in and let me know which ones they were interested in. I took into account the writers' requests, taking care to match the writer with a story she wanted to write. Some had multiple writers wanting to take on that challenge. The recipient didn't know who was assigned to write for her until receiving the story.

Now, the question may arise: why the heck is the listmom writing four stories?

Well, I have never wanted to have any of the FicFriends feel obligated or pressured about writing. While everyone has been very gracious about writing, I didn't want to overload anyone. I had planned to write two. A couple of stories weren't covered (freak not, it didn't mean no one wanted to write it), it just happened that I had already made all of the assignments. I had already started writing on the last two when some writers told me they wanted to write one of the unassigned stories. Since I had already begun, I kept going. But bless the recipients -- they haven't received those last two fics yet.

I have a tendency to be long-winded. These stories keep getting longer and longer. BUT, they're coming, and I appreciate everyone's patience. If I'd thought up the idea sooner, they'd have been in before Christmas!

Well, enough apologies. Enjoy!

If I've missed anything, please contact me. Thanks

Request #1 - written by Katie for Shellie

Request #2 - written by Shellie for Carolyn

Request #3 - written by Sarah for Katie

Request #4 - written by Carolyn for Penny

Request #5 (1) - written by SueN for Sarah

Request #5 (2) - written by Sara for Sarah

Request #6 - written by Penny for Marla

Request #7 - written by Carolyn for Sue B.

Request #8 - written by SueN for Joan

Request #9 - written by Carolyn for Sue N (incomplete)

Request #10 - written by Carolyn for Sara (incomplete)