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FEBRUARY 12, 2001

NEW STORY - a short story called "Set-up" and it's a bit intense. This time all seven of the quys are abducted and they're racing against the clock to saveJD. Oh, come on, that doesn't surprise you does it?

I HAVE A SENTINEL PAGE NOW. It has ONE story, but more will go up eventually. (Not soon, because I'm working on the Mag7 stories that are unfinished.) I have unfinished Sentinel stories, but I haven't posted them--well, except for the very first one I tried to write. I posted two short parts, then decided not to keep posting unfinished stories. Oh, should I be the Detective's Daughter? LOL, no, the Detective doesn't HAVE a daughter . There's a "Carolyn" in the Sentinel fandom, so I'm gonna be "Vox". It's part of my e-mail address, and it means "voice". Check out the page!

RECENT ADDITIONS: Return of the Remembered--Check out Part Fourteen. "The Outlaws" finds Chris and JD doing time before time runs out. Check out my holiday story, "A Christmas Redeemed." It was originally posted as "Redemption." And there's a story about an unlikely "Hero."

And yes, I'm working on all four unfinished stories. I won't promise just how I'll post them, but they're coming!

I hope you all have a wonderful new year!


The Epic Stories

PENANCE - Complete
When old enemies join forces to crush the seven, attacking their most vulnerable, can Chris and the boys save the kid, or has their youngest suffered too much? Read on. . .
THE OUTLAWS-complete
Chris and JD are ambushed and arrested. But something is very wrong about the "prison" in which they are incarcerated.
COERCION from an idea by Judy
When an old enemy of Chris Larabee wants to enlist his help with a jailbreak, his two best friends become the bait. Can the boys find the hostages in time, or will Chris become an outlaw again?
There's a stranger in town. Will JD's past come back to claim him? Or is it his past at all? His friends are determined to get to the truth. But will it be too late?
When JD is kidnapped by ruthless men, Chris Larabee's team must find him without the assistance of the ATF. As JD fights for his life, his friends fight for his honor.
MATER AMATA - a Christmas story
What is a family? The boys must each find the answer. The search will be painful, but the Seven may discover something more profound than they could have imagined.
THE CHASE - an auction story for Andante
The hunter becomes the hunted. Chris and the boys will have to act fast to save Vin. Ezra will have to play the game of his life. Will Vin survive? Read on . . .
A Virtual Season episode -- What if Nathan has to choose between loyalty to his family and loyalty to his friends?
CONSPIRACIES - PART TWO by the Desperado's Daughter
Conclusion to the Virtual Season episode

The Short Stories and Missing Scenes

THE BRIDGE - complete: An ATF rescue story
HERO - complete: While most of the boys are away from Four Corners, an attack on the saloon and prompts an unlikely hero.
A CHRISTMAS REDEEMED - complete: Ezra is missing at Christmas. The boys learn something about family and giving.
SET UP - complete: All Seven are abducted and must race the clock to save JD.
SPEECHLESS - complete: When JD wanders into Four Corners dazed and unable to speak, the boys must find out what he's witnessed before it's too late.
THE LAST BULLET - complete: An ending scene for Vendetta
THE POTTER'S FIELD - complete: A macabre tale about a labyrinth grave for lawmen who cross the wrong outlaws. Writers-see the challenge at the end.

Another Link

Home of one story so far. Be on the lookout for more. If you aren't a fan of The Sentinel, give it a whirl anyway. You may still like the story.